Lost Star The Black Marauders08:10

Lost Star The Black Marauders


Simon, Raulin and James begin to lose hope on their quest to recover the Sword of the Lost Star. After a few drinks at the Tall Tale Tavern, they decide to split up to try and increase their chances of finding the blade.


Simon, Raulin and James sit down at the Tall Tale Tavern and begin talking about their lack of success in finding the legendary Sword of the Lost Star. After some bickering, they decide to split up and search for the sword individually. The focus is on James first in the Lakkari Tar Pits, who runs into a pair of Black Marauders. James uses his speed and cunning to dispatch the two adversaries. Next, Raulin is shown traveling through the Genesis Killing Fields when he too encounters a pair of Black Marauders. Without much delay, Raulin puts the two foes down and meets back up with Simon and James at the Tall Tale Tavern. Since he did too, James asks the other two if they also ran into Black Marauders along their way, which they confirm. The three decide to assault the Black Marauder's main camp where they defeat the Black Marauder leader. The leader reveals a new possible location for the Sword of the Lost Star.

Inspiration for the filmEdit

While brainstorming a way for the current location of the Lost Star to be revealed, I began thinking of characters from the War on Planet X universe and ended up adapting a group of warriors called the Black Riders and turning them into Black Marauders.

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